Project Evaluation

Respondents rate framework process
In 2008, a team sponsored by the US Agency for International Development surveyed 83 participants from ten countries that had hosted Decision-Making Framework (DMF) consultations. The majority of respondents had previous experience with introducing a national intervention and had participated in making decisions about a malaria control program. The survey was intended to achieve the following objectives:

  • Measure the extent to which the framework was achieving its goals, including the preparedness levels of countries that received consultations.
  • Assess how key decision-makers perceived the effectiveness of the framework process.

Overall, participants rated the decision-making framework process very highly. All respondents indicated that the consultation on the framework was useful; 95 percent and 96 percent of respondents indicated that it was informative and something they would recommend to a colleague; and 70 percent recorded that it took place at the appropriate time.

More than 90 percent indicated that framework staff were knowledgeable and helpful, and a strong majority recorded that staff did not promote any particular malaria vaccine or promote an introduction decision over other potential policy choices. More than 90 percent responded that the associated presentation, briefing, and reporting materials were clear and easy to understand. A solid majority indicated that participation in the framework process had contributed either greatly or moderately to their country’s preparedness to collect data and establish the processes needed to support a malaria vaccine decision.

Read the survey evaluation of the decision-making framework process
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