Project Outcome

The decision-making framework tool for malaria vaccines
The strategic planning tool is designed to help African policymakers develop their own frameworks for deciding if and how a future malaria vaccine may be used to complement existing malaria-control approaches.

Before introducing any new health intervention, policymakers must weigh multiple factors and gather information. The tool anticipates both the factors to be considered in future malaria vaccine decisions and a timeline for gathering information.

The planning process is helping African countries and their partners gain a better understanding of the information that would be essential to making decisions about malaria vaccine use. The process represents the kind of preparation that could help countries reduce the delays seen in introducing potentially lifesaving interventions in Africa. The tool identifies a range of data needs, including:

  • The malaria disease burden.
  • The likely impact of a future malaria vaccine.
  • The impact of current malaria interventions.
  • Financing options.

The tool may be used for any malaria vaccine targeting the Plasmodium falciparum malaria parasite in Africa.

View the Malaria Vaccine Decision-Making Framework

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