Briefing Papers

A series of briefing papers provide background information about malaria vaccines and the decision-making context in malaria-endemic regions.

  • Analysis of the demand for a malaria vaccine: outcome of a consultative study in eight countries
    ( Read in English [PDF 35 KB] | French [PDF 39 KB] | Portuguese [PDF 37 KB] )
  • The return on investment for malaria vaccines: preliminary estimates of public health impact in Africa
    ( Read in English [PDF 30 KB] | French [PDF 33KB] | Portuguese [PDF 36 KB] )
  • Status of malaria vaccines: development process and the product pipeline
    ( Read in English [PDF 154 KB] | French [PDF 157 KB] | Portuguese [PDF 159 KB] )
  • Moving from development to policy to implementation of new products in countries where malaria is endemic: historical context for a malaria vaccine
    ( Read in English [PDF 52 KB] | French [PDF 58 KB] | Portuguese [PDF 64 KB] )